A love for Iowa and especially this southeast corner of it, has Rex Troute running for state senate for several reasons. We as a state need to grow, keep our youth home and refuse to settle for second best to any other state.

Everything I do in the Senate will be aimed at building a stronger Iowa.
Rex Troute

Iowa will never have purple mountains majesty or blue oceans to attract people to our great state. We have the Big Muddy and Mighty Mississippi bookending our borders. We have to work harder to keep college graduates home and attract others to fill available jobs.

As your next state senator Rex Troute will introduce a starting wage bill, which will increase the minimum wage bill three times over five years so we can compete with our neighboring states. Rex Troute refer to it as boost up economics, so working Iowans don’t have to struggle so hard to make ends meet.

With your support, we can elect a State Senator to make Iowa, proud!

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